Want to know if your business should be a BV or NV?

Saturday, 22-6-2019  

BV or NV, does that ring a bell? If it does, we can tell you already know a bit about doing business in The Netherlands. If you don’t know what a BV or NV is, you might want to know more before setting up your company in The Netherlands. In any way, a little help starting your business in The Netherlands might come in handy. At Intercompanysolutions, we offer help to all entrepeneurs from outside The Netherlands who want to start a business here. We know the Dutch economy and culture, as well as tax laws. We have a large network and can help you build your new business fast. The Netherlands are known for good infrastructure and offer a great opportunity to get access to mainland Europe. Surrounding countries are easily reached over the excellent roads or through the Rotterdam harbor. With nearly all countries having open borders, operating in business and trading can be done remarkably fast.

How to choose between a BV or NV

With BV or NV, two different types of business forms are distinguished. The BV is a ‘Besloten Vennootschap’. The NV is a ‘Naamloze Vennootschap’. To choose between a BV or NV it is important to know the difference between these two. Most companies that consist of two or more people, are registered as a BV. An entrepeneur who starts a business in The Netherlands chooses which form he or she wants the business to have when registering his or her company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. This information and more, can be offered by our employees. We can help you with the following steps to start your business fast. With help of Intercompanysolutions, it is possible to start your company in only five days. We help our clients with:

  • obtaining a social security number
  • obtaining a Dutch bank account
  • registering a new company
  • setting up a business plan
  • connecting to other businesses in The Netherlands

We also offer translation services and we can provide you with a personal assistant when you are in the country. Our employees know everything about the Dutch economy and can offer the best advice, about choosing between a BV or NV or about tax in The Netherlands, 

Dutch tax laws

The Dutch government requires all companies to file their taxes in time. This can be done monthly or quarterly. A Dutch bookkeeper can give you advice on the best strategy for this. Of course, at Intercompanysolutions we can connect you to an accountant or bookkeeper that is right for your business. Whether your already are in business elsewhere or just want to profit from low taxes in The Netherlands, your business is welcome in this tolerant and flourishing climate. Please contact us for more information about our services or about different business types that are common here. With our help, you will know in no time if your company should be a BV or NV. We would like to get in touch and get to know you and your business needs, to be able to be of the best service possible. 

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