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System integration

Thursday, 15-1-2015  

It might not be the first aspect of you company’s industrial side you think of, but it is still highly important. Indeed it is not overdone to state that without it your company cannot function at all: system integration. The goal of system integration is to make sure that all your machinery and all their processes and parts of the industrial picture fit: they thus have to work well together. Whatever company you have, it is nigh impossible to have one machine taking care of all processes. For example, if you have a company in the food industry, delivering certain foods to supermarkets, you cannot have a machine that packs the food in plastic, pack this plastic in a box, and pack this box in a container so that it is possible to transport all by itself. You will need different machines that take care of these different steps in the process. However, these machines have to be adjusted well to each other. That is what system integration should achieve. This all sounds very logical. It is clear that system integration is important, that one might underestimate how difficult system integration is. It is more difficult than it might seem at first sight. Luckily, however, there are professionals who can help you and your company with the system integration of your processes and your machines. Our company, called ‘Selo’, is a professional company with a lot of experience in the packaging sector that can arrange system integration properly and professionally in your company. Hereunder, we will give you some information about Selo and their methods with regard to system integration in short. More information about system integration, the history of Selo, and other matters relating to the packaging industry and Selo can be found on this website: After we have given information about Selo, we will also tell you how you can contact Selo if you have questions or comments about system integration of other matters related to the company.

Help from Selo with system integration

To be able to provide you with proper system integration it is important for us to get a good and complete overview of your situation. What sort of machines do you need? What are the different steps in the process? What is the desired end product? If you contact us we will discuss the whole process to determine how we can be of service. Because of Selo’s long period of experience in the packaging industry, we are able to help and give advice on all sorts of issues related to this industry, as system integration. Selo has been participating in the industry from the 1940s onwards and thus experienced all packaging developments since that time. This has provided the company with an extensive amount of knowledge. On the basis of that they are able to pick the most suitable machinery and the most suitable way of integrating different machines and processes in all sorts of situations. Next to system integration, Selo has other specialities. These are:

  • Systems for the processing of food: these include mixing, cooking, and cooling machinery. Selo can design a complete food manufacturing process.
  • Systems for the processing of animal food: Selo has taken up this speciality from the 1980s onwards and it entails both processing and packaging.
  • Artificial casings: this entails artificial casings for sausages, instead of natural casings. There are a lot of options, for example with regard to colour, size and design.
  • Systems for pharmaceutical products: this entails the packaging of medical products. Medicines can take a lot of different forms, for example pills, powders or liquids, and every form can be packed in different ways. Selo can help you figure out what the best way is for your company.

For more information about Selo, you can visit the abovementioned website and click on ‘About Selo’, on the upper left of your screen. As indicated above, we will now specify in what ways you can contact us, either if you are in need of advice, have a question, or want to make a remark.

Get in touch with us

There are different ways to find the contact details on Selo’s website. You can go to the website given above and click on ‘Get in touch with us’, in the lower left corner of your screen. You can also click on ‘Contact’, in the upper right of your screen. Both options will lead you to a part of the website where you can find contact data. The contact details on top of the page are the contact details of the Dutch main office of Selo. As you can see, you can send an e-mail or a letter, or you can contact the company by telephone or fax. If you scroll down the page, you will find contact details for the other offices, for example in the United Kingdom, in Norway, in France, in Germany, in Belgium, and in several other countries. Below the contact details of the several offices, you will find a contact form. Via this contact form you can also let us know your question or remark. You can leave your email address on this contact form and once we receive your message, we will endeavour to answer it as soon as we can. We are always looking forward to hear from our customers, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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