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Benahavis property for the peacefull

Friday, 10-7-2020  

Are you looking for a house or apartment in Spain? Maybe as a place to go to for the holidays or to live there permanently. Either way, if you have narrowed it down to Spain, the next step is to find the perfect city for you to go to. realista offers various properties along the Costa del Sol, located along 300 kilometers of the coast of the Mediterranean sea. One city situated in this area is Benahavis. More specifically, this city is located at the western end of Costa del Sol, between Estepona and Marbella. If you like peacefulness and quietness, then you probably should look at Benahavis property. 

Practical information

When deciding on what city to buy property at, it is of course important to know some practical info in order to make an educated choice. For this reason, a short list of useful information follows for Benahavis property. 

  • There are around 7100 civilians of Benahavis, so it is a relatively small town. Of these civilians, more than half are foreigners and even 40% of the foreigners are British. 
  • In Benahavis, the weather consists mostly of sunshine throughout the year. In the winter, the temperatures are slightly lower than other nearby cities due to its inland mountain position. In turn, it can also be warmer in summer.
  • To get from Malaga airport to Benehavis and your Benahavis property you need to travel 71 kilometers, which is about 50 minutes. 
  • To get from Gibraltar airport to Benahavis and your Benahavis property, you will have to travel around 70 kilometers.
  • The resorts of Puerto Banus and Marbella are located 20 kilometers from Benahavis. 

Why Benahavis property

Getting Benahavis property may be more suitable for the more active people among as, as it is located on a mountain. The town includes various river valleys, mountain ranges and woods. This is what makes it one of the most beautiful locations of Costa del Sol. The Gualdalmina River is especially great. It gives opportunities for canyoning trough waterfalls and plunge pools. The river will take you across an astonishing bridge as well as a traditional Moorish irrigation channel. The surroundings of the Benahavis property also includes numerous golf courses and exclusive residences. Benahavis property is particularly for those who also seek a quiet and peaceful location. Since the town is fairly nearby Marbella, there is still opportunity for nice day trips or just to get out to a larger city if there is a need for that. 

In the town of Benahavis are many narrow streets and squares, alongside the beautiful Andalusian whitewashed houses. It is also home to the Parque Torre Leoneras park, which is situated in the south. This park contains some ruins of an old medieval tower and it also contains a large lake. Moreover, any Benahavis property is located nearby is the Montemayor castle that dates back to the 10th century. Though this castle now mostly consists of ruins, there are still some walls standing and the Queen’s tower has remained intact. Of course, there is also a market. The Sunday market is held in a shrine on the way to Benahavis and it is one of the most popular markets of Costa del Sol. 

If you seek quiet areas and love a peaceful getaway, which also allows for outdoor activities then maybe you should take into consideration getting Benahavis property. realista offers numerous of such properties, so it’s certainly worth the look!

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